2022 The Year of “ODR” Roller

by Brock Murray

Happy New Year from all of us at 4SSRollerHockey!

Those of you who have joined us the past two summers in Princeton have gotten a taste for the outdoor game and know there simply is nothing like it. 

This is a first class rink with a first class “ice court” floor. This year we will add an outdoor score clock to enhance the outdoor game. The facility cannot be booked (it’s first come first serve) so we simply set up for Sundays and if we show up and it’s in use we offer the kids there to play with us and away we go.

The beauty of this is there is zero cost to anyone you simply show up we throw sticks and the rest sorts itself out. Nothing like the good old days when we were kids and you met your buddies at the park or on the side street for some hockey. The only difference here is you don’t have to worry about yelling “car”!

Looking forward to seeing you Sundays in Princeton.