An Update on Our Upcoming Season

by Brock Murray

An update regarding our upcoming 4SSRH - Four Season Sports Roller Hockey Season. 4SSRH utmost priority is the health and safety of all our players, volunteers and families that love this game of Roller Hockey. Although our season is a month away we must support our local public health officials along with the governing bodies of our sport in regards to the Coronavirus (COVID - 19). We will continue to keep you updated as we receive updates regarding the status of our season. We are fortunate to have flexibility with scheduling once we get confirmation we are cleared to play. So if that comes a little later than our original start date we can make adjustments to the schedule in the hopes to fit in a season. In the meantime please continue to register on our site at You can hang onto your payment at this time until we have confirmation the season is a go. For all those that have already registered and paid we of course will issue a full refund should our season not be played.
Let’s all remember one thing. Our sports may have been cancelled at the moment. However, there is nothing stopping us as individuals to get out there and play the game of our choice the best way we can during this time. Now is a great time to remember where we as adults fell in love with the game and share it with our son or daughter.