Celebrating 25 Years of Friendship

by Brock Murray

When we began this journey 25 years ago playing road hockey on the infamous neighbourhood driveway dubbed Gallant Gardens I can honestly say it did exactly what I had hoped it would do. It built lifelong friendships we continue to have today with this group we call the Canning Mudhogs. I am forever grateful to each player who has ever worn the Canning Mudhogs sweater because in doing that you represented our tiny little village of Canning and the love we have for this game. I still remember the first tourney we ever played in that was an outdoor tourney in London Ontario. What a tourney that was competing against other teams on quad skates. Ultimately our second place finish there qualified us for the Finals in Wasaga Beach. We didn’t fair so well there but it didn’t matter because what had really happened was we created a bond that would never be broken. So as each of you look through old pictures and remember some of your favourite places this team has taken you please remember the greatest thing it did and that is built friendships to last a lifetime.