Spring/Summer Roller Hockey Skates in St. George

by Brock Murray

After much thought and a lot of requests we are returning to St. George with our ice court floor for some Spring and Summer Indoor Roller Hockey.

Our Youth Roller Hockey will be different than what many of you have played in the past with us. This year we will run skating and skills nights. Currently planning for Tuesday Nights at 6pm and 7pm. We will split the kids based on age levels. If we find your son or daughter is better suited to skate with older kids based on their skill level with your permission we will move them to that age group.

We will start with two age groups to begin. 10U and 14U but may combine based on numbers. We will also do our very best to throw in scrimmage towards the end of each session or eventually work towards half skating and skills and half scrimmage.

This will be a 10 week program starting in April and we will re-evaluate after that period to determine if we will run another 10 weeks once the first session ends. 

How to get involved. Text 519 771-8181 to reserve your spot each week. Cost will be $20 per session.